Working with trends and social algorithms in 2023

Working with trends and social algorithms in 2023

As we head into 2023, there are several trends shaping social media performance, from a greater use of artificial intelligence (AI) and nano-influencers to the importance of audio content and personalised experiences.

Shifting towards audio

The increasing popularity of audio is changing the way users consume content. This shift has led social platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to introduce features like Audio Events and Twitter Spaces. As much as video content is still a very attractive content form, do not shy away from social audio in 2023.

Build a community, not a persona

2022 has seen a global pandemic, political unrest, and economic issues. Now more than ever, consumers want to feel seen and heard. As a result, businesses have adapted their social media strategy to be more human, more authentic, and more approachable. Ensure your communication is honest and communicates your brand values because we all know what can happen when brand activism goes wrong.

Create personalised experiences

In 2023, in addition to personalised web experiences, consumers will also see personalised marketing campaigns in efforts to compete for attention. Brands will have to be savvy, utilise more real-time customer data and stay on top of the latest trends to stay relevant to the market.

Could nano-influencers be the next big thing?

Influencer marketing achieves a return 11x greater than banner ads. It is no surprise that influencer marketing is here to stay, but with platforms like TikTok giving smaller creators space to excel, brands will focus more on nano-influencers (figures who have between 1,000 and 5,000 followers) in 2023.

The social landscape will continue to rapidly evolve in 2023, which means that PR and marketing teams must continue to keep their fingers on the pulse and remain agile. With new platforms and trends emerging, it will be exciting to see what the next 12 months have in store!


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