Why should your business make use of social media marketing?

Why should your business make use of social media marketing?

According to the Marketing Insider Group, there are more than three billion people worldwide using social media every month, so it needs to be an essential piece of any businesses marketing strategy. Broadband Search also reports the average time spent on social media worldwide as 144 minutes per day.

That is a 144 minutes opportunity for your business. Using social media can increase brand awareness, sales and leads. Are your competitors advertising on social media? If so, then you should consider it too.



  1. Social media marketing is much less costly than other types of marketing.
  2. Its easy to compare different content and see which is most popular, so you can iterate quickly for success
  3. It provides real-time results

Social media allows you to build a community and have open conversations with customers.


Our success with social media marketing

For some time we’ve been helping Planet Computers build their online community through social media by engaging with customers and answering queries. Planet Computers celebrates mobile innovation by designing and developing the ‘new age’ of PDAs.  Through social media, we have helped them bring those interested in PDAs together to celebrate innovation.

Recently, Planet Computers launched their new device, the Astro Slide (yes, we are aware of the similarity in the name of a lubricant called Astro Glide. And Astro Slide is also easy to slip into your pocket and helps you get down to business).

To help increase brand awareness around this device, we created a paid for Facebook advertising campaign. We developed a target audience based on analytics from research pulled from social media tools. During the campaign we monitored the results closely and the client was thrilled with the outcome.

  • The campaign reached 94 672 people
  • It received 149 231 impressions
  • The post engagement was 37 685
  • The video received 112 737 views
  • The CTR (click through rate) was 2.15% which is 0.15% above average
  • The CPC (cost per link click) was $0.16 which is $1.56 below average

Not only did the campaign increase brand awareness, it also started several conversations but most important of all, it increased sales, demonstrating a tangible ROI. The general community around the Astro Slide has also grown significantly.


On a side note…

Social media is not always easy. But increasing followers and likes, creating content and building a community are essential for building any business. With the right tools, content, and admin behind a business page, social media can bring a new life to your brand. Contact us for more information if you want to know how we can help you.


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