uSwitch highlights its mobile market insight

uSwitch highlights its mobile market insight

uSwitch is a familiar brand in the UK, primarily for its energy switching service that helps consumers find the best deal for energy suppliers.  However, the company also operates in broadband switching and has also branched out into the mobile contracts market. In 2017, to help raise its profile in the mobile market, uSwitch commissioned XL Communications to write an insight paper into the UK mobile market based on insights from the company’s data. uSwitch wished to use the insight collated as a tool for mobile network operators and handset manufacturers to use, heling to shape future strategy towards the UK market.

Getting the tone right

uSwitch is a familiar brand that wanted to demonstrate its relevance to the mobile market in the UK with meaningful insight but also remain accessibly and open in tone.  XL analysed the data provided by uSwitch, complemented by other sources and created a 5,000 word overview of the state of the mobile market in 2017.  The market was experiencing increased choice for the first time in a decade, with a significant movement away from two year contract cycles and into SIM only and SIM free deals.

Raising awareness

Having received approval for the final article, XL pitched it to a wide range of media titles to generate media awareness for the company.  This resulted in several new relationships for the company both from mobile network operators and handset vendors, many of which became commercial opportunities for the company.  The research also helped to highlight the breadth of information that uSwitch generated, which could both drive media-friendly insight and provide a significant opportunity for interested parties in the UK market. XL helped present this in a media friendly way, using its unique knowledge to help shape insightful and media friendly content.

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