Trump’s inevitable return

Not even a Twitter ban can keep Donald Trump off social media…

After the Capitol Building riots in the USA, the 45th US President was banned from Twitter for breaching guidelines after it appeared his tweets about the ‘rigged’ presidential election spurred on rioters to storm a session of Congress.

Trump was a prolific tweeter, using the platform throughout his presidency to share his controversial opinions and spark controversy. He racked up 89 million followers, only to lose them all following the Twitter ban.

It was only a matter of time though before his inevitable return to social media. Donald Trump’s adviser and former campaign manager Jason Miller has said the former president could return to social media – but by creating and launching his own platform.

What is Trump’s social media going to look like?

Jason Miller said there has been a lot of anticipation for Trump’s return to social media, with numerous companies approaching him about launching a platform and that it is going to be hugely popular. This has led to lots of speculation about the type of platform Trump would create, generating major media interest from the Guardian, CNN and The Washington Post.

Free speech will most likely be the foundation for Trump’s new platform, as Twitter has been accused of having a ‘cancel culture’ over differing opinions, which Trump has experienced many times. It is also suspected Trump will do his best to monetise the platform; with some suggesting he will “build or buy his way back” into the social media game.

Yay or nay?

The initial response to Trump’s social media platform has been overwhelmingly negative, with some media outlets describing it as dangerous, boring or even an epic failure before it has even launched.

However, the picture is a little different on social media …

A recipe for disaster?

Trump launching his own social platform is not the most unexpected thing to happen so far in 2021, but it does make me curious – what if it does take off? What will Trump try next if it flops? An unregulated site full of violent speech is not my cup of tea personally, but it does seem like the exact sort of site Trump supporters might pay for. Trump undoubtedly has a high level of influence over a lot of people and this new platform could be a place for them to gather.

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