Three Secrets from a Social Media Executive

Three Secrets from a Social Media Executive

A common misconception about working in the social space is that it is all about getting great images and finding out what time is best to post at, but it is not like that and – in fact – working as a social media executive demands creativity, efficiency, and keeping your finger on the pulse.

It is a role that means wearing different hats and success relies on how good you are at agile thinking. However, because the social landscape is always changing, it is an exciting space to work. After working in social media for four years, here are three secrets I have gathered:

  1. Platform provided data does not paint a full picture

Whether you are using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram – social platforms make it super easy to see insight into how quickly a social account is growing, how the content is performing, a breakdown of followers’ age, gender and geographic location, and more. But does this insight paint the full picture? Definitely not, and most social media “gurus” do not dig deeper.

Relying solely on native data gives you a very superficial view of your social performance.  By going beyond the platform provided stats, you can gain richer data. Google Analytics should be your best friend – it will give you valuable insight from across all digital touchpoints which include social media, websites and even apps! Here are reports automatically generated through Google Analytics, which should advise your digital strategy:


  1. Let the news come to you

As much as you should be online to stay up to speed with trending topics, constantly having to keep your finger on the pulse can eat in your day. The trick is to let the news come to you!

To actively receive trending news, I subscribe to leading newsletters and podcasts which I can read/listen to on my way to work, when I am doing functional tasks or even during lunch! Here are my top five newsletter recommendations based on the clients I work with in Tech, Finance and Aviation:

  1. TechScape
  2. WIRED Daily
  3. TED Recommends
  4. Simple Flying Routes Newsletter
  5. InnovationRx


  1. A little bit of luck goes a long way

There are so many social strategies out there like the rule of thirds, the 80/20 rule and the 5:3:2 rule. Although these have benefits and can advise your social strategy, I have found that it is down to trial and error, and a little bit of luck! What works for one organisation may not work for another, so try different strategies until you find what receives the highest ROI.

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