Three campaigns that prove B2B PR is not boring

Three campaigns that prove B2B PR is not boring

B2B (business-to-business) PR often gets a bad rep, with industry newcomers seeing it as boring compared to the glitz and glamour of B2C (business-to-consumer). You can understand why; the B2C route is seemingly paved with high-profile launch parties, suave industry events, and fun freebies from well-known brands, while the B2B route sees you traipsing around trade shows learning about the latest lead-generation software.

But B2B has a lot going for it. It is all about building lasting relationships, trust, and authority, unlike B2C, which can be like a Hollywood “showmance” more short-lived than Hiddleswift. Here are a handful of cool B2B campaigns.

Tudder: Tinder for Cows

Before you ask, no, this is not an app designed to make it easier for cows to hook up. Hectare wanted to help farmers find and trade livestock online, so invented Tudder, which lets you swipe left or right on profiles of cows and bulls. As well as helping to reduce costs, the app dispels the myth that the farming industry is still in the dark ages.

As part of the launch, Valentine’s cards were sent to journalists, along with a fun video on how to use Tudder. The results were exceptional, with coverage popping up in The Guardian, New York Post, and the BBC – moo-sic to a PR’s ears.

Go Beyond

Beyond Meat, the ground-breaking meat-free makers on a mission to change the way we eat, wanted to prove that its products were just as good as the real thing and drive adoption in retail from the likes of supermarkets and restaurants. To do this, the company chronicled some of the world’s top athletes – from Shaquille O’Neal to Shaun White – to prove the power of plant-based eating and inspire others to make the switch. And it worked. Supermarkets and restaurants lined up to purchase its meat-free alternatives making Beyond Meat the brand of choice for meat-free alternatives.

Pexco’s ‘AirShield’

It would hardly be an XL blog without a bit of shameless self-promotion. And what better way to showcase our PR prowess than with Pexco Aerospace’s AirShield, which is installed over the top of existing passenger air vents to create protective air barriers while you fly.

We started working with Pexco when AirShield was merely a concept from top design & innovation consultancy Teague. Since then, the product has gone from concept through to development and is now on the cusp of receiving FAA approval. While we await the greenlight, we are driving thought leadership on the trials and tribulations of bringing blue-sky innovations to life.

Although Pexco’s goal is to sell AirShield to airlines, its efforts trickle down to end-users, who not only benefit from improved airflow but receive much-needed peace of mind in the COVID-19 era. It is why we have been able to land standout pieces with major outlets in CNN, Mail Online, The Telegraph, and Stuff, while still mopping up the bread-and-butter trade publications that put Pexco in front of those all-important decision makers.

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