The rise of RedCabin: brand communication done right

The rise of RedCabin: brand communication done right

Time for take off

Four years ago, a group of aircraft interior pioneers gathered inside the Etihad Innovation Centre in Abu Dhabi. They had come together with a single purpose in mind: to enhance the flying experience, making it more sustainable, accessible, and technologically advanced.

They all believed that the best and most effective way to develop innovative ideas, approaches, and partnerships for the aircraft interior was through open and honest collaboration. Valuable insights were shared (from every part of the industry) and no punches pulled.

Change is coming

That was the very first RedCabin Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit. But it would not be the last.

Fast forward to today and the curtain has just come down on the biggest and most dynamic RedCabin summit – this time attended by more than 250 delegates in Atlanta and hosted by Delta Air Lines. In the intervening years, the thirst for greater collaboration and new solutions to tackle aviation’s major issues has only grown…and RedCabin has become the hotbed for interior innovation the industry needed.

Building a brand

XL Communications has been working with RedCabin since the very beginning; helping shape its brand identity, messaging, and make sure the world’s media know about the fantastic work being done to reimagine the flying experience.

Growing any brand from scratch is not easy. But despite the competitive nature of the events industry (and the small matter of a pandemic putting a stop to air travel and people gathering in person), there are four things that make the #RedCabinLIVE brand such a tour de force:

1: It sticks to its ethos – no matter what

Inspiration plus collaboration brings innovation. It is a simple ethos to understand but for a traditionally siloed industry like aviation, a harder one to live by. RedCabin is designed to break down these walls, putting competitive advantage aside and bringing new ideas to the table that tackle the biggest issues. By sticking to its brand identity, it has built an enormous amount of credibility and leaders across the industry now understand how much value the summits hold.

2: It gives a platform to a diverse range of voices and perspectives

You cannot bring about real, long-term positive change without having everyone at the table. Each summit is designed to give diverse voices a platform to share their experiences, challenges, and successes. In doing so, RedCabin has been the birthplace of cross-industry innovation that has not been possible at other events or tradeshows.

3: It brings C-Suite decision makers to the table

Ultimately, there is always someone who guards the chequebook. Someone who has to green-light a new aircraft interior programme. And to make sure the ideas generated at the summit make it into the sky, RedCabin makes sure leaders and pioneers from the world’s greatest airlines, OEMs, and design houses are part of the discussion – so they can understand the true value in making change happen.

4: It has invested in building relationships with media and influencers to help promote key messages and developments

With so much effort and energy going into building each RedCabin summit, the outcomes and developments need to be driven into the news agenda. By investing in XL and trusting us to lead its brand communications, journalists around the world know of RedCabin, attend its summits and cover its stories.

RedCabin understood from the beginning the critical role PR and communications plays in putting brands on the map. And we have been able to repay that faith by delivering global media coverage in outlets like CNN, New York Times, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, as well as growing an engaged social following of thousands of innovators from across the aviation industry.

New horizons

RedCabin is now expanding its unique approach to the rail and automotive industries – where it will continue to be at the forefront of innovation and help reshape travel.

Discover more about RedCabin, its ethos and vision for the future of transport interiors here:

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