Technology: helping businesses to survive and thrive

Technology: helping businesses to survive and thrive

I ventured out for my first post-lockdown meal a couple of weeks ago and had my first experience of what the ‘new normal’ looks like. It got me thinking about how technology is enabling businesses to adapt to the pandemic.

As soon as we got to the front door of the restaurant, we had to stand in front of an iPad which scanned our temperatures. When we got to our table, we had to scan a QR code to order our food and drinks and pay our bill on an app. This is not new technology, but it is certainly becoming far more widely adopted by businesses in the current climate.

The power of technology

Covid-19 has impacted businesses of all sizes. The total cost to UK SMEs is exceeding £69 billion and it is estimated more than 230,000 have already been forced to permanently stop trading; but it is becoming evident technology has been the difference between closure and survival for many small businesses. Remote working, social media and online sales platforms are some of the ways businesses have adapted to meet their customers’ changing needs. For those that manage to survive the pandemic, technology will be an essential part of laying the foundations for resilience and success in the future.

Keeping customers ‘appy

One of the technology companies making it possible for businesses to return to some sense of normality while making customers feel safe and comfortable is Round. The company has developed a mobile ordering app for venues which allows customers to order and pay for their food and drinks from different venues on one universal platform. Businesses can also create bespoke menus to maintain their brand identity.

The benefits of applying technology in this way are three-fold: customers and staff feel confident knowing they can visit the restaurant, pub or bar while keeping a safe distance, customers enjoy a more seamless experience, and businesses can improve performance by managing the venue better and analysing customer behaviour data.

New opportunities

Life may never return to pre-coronavirus ‘normality’ but the businesses who come out of this situation the best will be the ones who leverage new technologies and seize the opportunities emerging in the dawn of the recovery.

We would love to hear about the innovative ways your business has used technology to adapt and rise to the challenge of Covid-19! Get in touch with the team here.


Emily Brewster

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