Tech PR – an insight into my first week

Tech PR – an insight into my first week

Making the move from a city-based, consumer PR agency to XL Communications has been a bold decision for me, as I’ve had to make a relatively quick transition into the world of technology. Having just completed my first week, it’s safe to say that I’m eager to gain as much industry knowledge as possible while applying myself to a more B2B way of working.

Getting Technical

The week itself has been busy and insightful, allowing me to grasp a wide understanding on a variety of our clients and their core values. This, as well as familiarising myself with key technology publications and contacts, has been beneficial. I’ve had a lot of fun delving into one particular client, Planet Computers – which has products that take inspiration from PDA devices from the 1990’s, combining both a nostalgic and innovative approach. Learning about the history of keyboards on mobile phones has given me a new perspective on modern smartphones.

Keeping on top of digital news and trends is critical as our lives are dominated by the industry. Having always had an interest in the vast development within technology, I’m keen to see how it continues to grow and how this will impact the way we work.

Being PRoactive

One of the many aspects I enjoy about PR is that it teaches invaluable skills. It’s the first industry I’ve had the opportunity to work in which consists of fundamental elements such as interpersonal skills, creativity and vast industry knowledge as well as an overall insight on current affairs. The room for growth seems to be endless and we are able to have a compelling outlook on how times are changing within the media as well as shaping the message for our clients.

Additionally, as brand awareness plays a huge part in most companies, I believe it’s important to deliver the best results possible; tailoring to the specific needs of each client. This is a contributing factor to what makes PR so appealing – each day is different and provides distinctive challenges.

Overall, I’m extremely excited about what the future holds for me at XL and aim to develop both professionally and personally within the role.

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