Starting a new job just before lockdown

Starting a new job just before lockdown

I think we can all agree it is a pretty weird time for everyone. Isolation, social-distancing, extreme use of hand sanitizer and working from home are the new norm. For me, starting a new job just as the country went into lockdown could have been one of the most daunting scenarios ever.


First week at my new job

During my first week at XL, I quickly became part of the team and took in as much as my brain and note pad could take! I was able to get involved in a variety of business tasks which really gave me a understanding of the job and the clients. After the first few days of ‘work-life’ it was safe to say I found myself (and my dogs) in a balanced routine and settled into the new job, house and town. Little did I know what would happen in the second week of my new job.


Working from home

The following week, the Prime Minister encouraged those who were able to work from home to do so. With our health and wellbeing being one of the company’s key priorities, we were encouraged to take caution and follow the government guidelines. So, off we all went with everything we needed and set up our home offices. I thought this was going to be extremely challenging having just started out in the job, but thankfully technology made it easier than expected! The team has kept in contact every single day during lockdown; every question I have had has been answered and there has been a constant willingness to help.


During lockdown, I have had the pleasure to begin working with a new client – Brooks Macdonald. I knew I had to do as much as I could to raise the bar. Yes, it has been challenging at points, but I am learning every day. Technology has really made taking on a new client much easier during lockdown as there is constant communication when needed.


Tips for those in a similar position

Working from home has given me the time to research, understand and learn before ‘doing’. To anyone that is in a similar position to me here are a few tips:


  • Communicate – it is important to keep contact with the rest of your team.
  • Do not be shy, ask questions – Sometimes I feel like I am asking too many questions, but I think it is totally necessary for me to learn.
  • Research – whether it is about your company or a client. Now is the time to understand what the companies do before we get back into full swing of things.
  • Take care of yourself – it can be tough learning how the company you work for does things. Do not expect to get everything right the first time, this is all part of the learning curve.


Working from home during lockdown has been challenging for everyone, especially those of us who are starting out in a new career. However, it is also a great time for each employee to show their employer how much they can rely on them. I have always been ‘for’ working from home if you are able to as I find that I am more motivated and get a lot more done than sitting in an office. Perhaps the lockdown has given employers a different perspective on this too.


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