Recognising lifesaving MedTech

Recognising lifesaving MedTech

The 13th of October 2022 marks World Thrombosis Day – a day that recognises the prevalence of blood clots and the millions of deaths they cause worldwide every year.  Blood clot related events kill more people than AIDS, breast cancer, prostate cancer and motor vehicle crashes combined in Europe and the US. Yet thrombosis is preventable.

Improving existing healthcare

Patients in hospital are often most at risk of developing blood clots due to a lack of mobility to stimulate blood flow causing clots to form. To prevent thrombosis in hospital, patients will be prescribed intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) – an air-filled sleeve that cuffs around the legs and compresses to promote blood flow.

However, IPC is not suitable for all patients, including those with skin problems or who have recently undergone surgery. This leaves many patients without any protective measure to prevent them from developing thrombosis in hospital.

Enter the geko™ device…

The geko™ device is a small, wearable medical device that uses electrical pulses to promote blood flow in the legs. It sends painless shocks down the legs once every second to keep blood flowing, preventing clots from forming. Unlike IPC – which is chunky and restricts mobility – patients wearing the geko™ device can walk, move, and even sleep comfortably with the device switched on.

It is currently used in various NHS hospitals to help patients – like those recovering from a stroke – from developing life-threatening blood clots.

Tech that makes a difference

Beyond the incredible impact the geko™ device is having on patients, medical devices like these are also helping to save healthcare systems time, resources, and money. For instance, the geko™ device can save the NHS approximately £200 per patient using it for blood clot prevention.

Given the immense pressure the NHS is facing from tackling the waiting list of surgery and managing the health of our growing ageing population, the health system needs innovation to make care more efficient and cost-effective.

Giving MedTech a media presence

Life-saving technology deserves a voice that increase its adoption in hospitals around the world. That is why we led the geko™ device and its manufacturer, Sky Medical Technology, towards a partnership with Thrombosis UK for its National Thrombosis Week earlier this year. So far, this has contributed to increased clinical interest helping further adoption of the device in UK hospitals.

Next up is Thrombosis UK’s Let’s Talk Clots event – a three-day virtual conference in support of World Thrombosis Day attended by hundreds of clinicians and healthcare professionals from all corners of the globe. The geko™ device will be the focus of a 45-minute presentation educating attendees on the device’s role in preventing thrombosis and the benefits of clinical adoption.

Working with an organisation that is actively saving lives while saving healthcare systems money makes our role in driving the PR a fulfilling and rewarding one.

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