Netflix levels up

Netflix levels up

Netflix has conquered the streaming industry, and now it moves on to its next battle…

With around 209 million paid subscribers across the globe (not including those who use it but leech off their friends), Netflix is king in the over-the-top media streaming space. It has fought off competition from Disney+, Amazon Prime and Hulu to remain in the top spot – and even received its own place in Urban Dictionary with the euphemism ‘Netflix and Chill’. But now a completely different industry has grabbed its attention.

Netflix has launched its first games on smartphones, yet the streaming giant has not taken a tentative first step into this market as it has rolled out five new games!


Let the games begin

With the mobile games industry set to grow 4.4 percent in 2021 to $90.7 billion, it is no surprise Netflix wants to continue its world domination and break into the game subscription market.

The five new mobile games are included for Netflix subscribers, with two already linked to the streaming giant’s most popular series, Stranger Things. The five games are: Stranger Things: 1984, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Card Blast, Teeter Up and Shooting Hoops.

Netflix has said it hopes to provide “a new way to experience entertainment on mobile” by offering no adverts in the game and no in-app purchases – a common feature amongst other mobile games. It is clear the company is keen to differentiate itself in this heavily populated market, and Netflix has already promised gamers that they are just getting started with more launches expected soon.

This jump into a new industry is a leap of faith for Netflix – hoping its secure position in streaming will carry them through to success in mobile gaming. With Netflix’s own original content accounting for 40 percent of its programming – the tech giant already has a lot of unique material ready to be transformed into mobile games.

End game

I am a huge fan of Netflix and love when a new Netflix series I have watched is trending on Twitter with everyone talking about it –Squid Game being the most recent example. So I am excited to try out these games and see what else Netflix introduces in the months ahead.

Could this bold step from Netflix spur on other streaming sites to make their entrance into this industry? Could we be seeing an Eastenders game from BBC iPlayer soon?

Maybe not, but I hope Netflix is successful in its endeavours and this is not game over.


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