Managing media relations and securing coverage for clients

Managing media relations and securing coverage for clients

When companies recruit a PR consultancy the primary objective is to secure positive media profile.  Our role is to understand the media and build relationships with journalists, that leads to high profile media coverage.

Pitching to the media does not have to be daunting.  Take a look at our five tips below:

Do your research
If you do not understand your story, you cannot tell it to someone else.

Get in touch
If you never try, you never know. The worst thing a journalist can say is no. Remember, journalists have limited time so get straight to the point. How can you sell your story in one sentence?

Target the right journalists
Read up on the publications, take notes of the style of writing and what types of stories the publication covers. The more you consume the news, the easier it is to secure media profile.

Build and maintain relationships
Effective media relations is the difference between getting your story media profile and being left empty-handed.

Follow up and persevere
Journalists are busy people. Almost half of journalists surveyed last year said they receive about 100 emails a day. To cut through you need to be persistent but polite.

Take a look at the video below to see how we generated profile for clients last month.



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