Make your corporate anniversary a PR opportunity

Make your corporate anniversary a PR opportunity

Any big business milestone is worth celebrating: whether it is a year, a decade or a hundred years since your company was founded. Recognising a company’s success and longevity could not only boost motivation internally but also strengthen your brand, drive visibility and earn media coverage.

Bag the brag

While companies are often keen to celebrate corporate anniversaries internally, they can sometimes need persuasion to recognise milestones publicly. What value will a celebratory announcement have? Will customers even care? And why should they?  

The truth is, why not? The average British worker will spend an average of 3,515 full days at work over the course of their lifetime – not including an additional 188 days of overtime. The hard work and dedication that goes into maintaining and evolving a successful business should be celebrated. However, do not waste the announcement of a milestone with a throw-away social post or generic customer email – done right, corporate anniversaries are an abundant PR opportunity.

Boost your brand

Our client CPA Global is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. As an Intellectual Property (IP) management and technology company, this milestone marks 50 years of protecting and fostering innovation. Keen to mark the event with a campaign celebrating the company’s longevity, we started work on a #50For50 social campaign: celebrating 50 years of CPA Global’s innovation by profiling the 50 best innovators.

Creating a list from 1969 to 2019, we researched and selected the most pioneering innovation for each year. We then created dedicated social cards for each pioneer – complete with an image and bio to share on CPA Global’s key social channels – Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Agreeing a schedule to countdown three innovators per week – until all 50 were live – we were able to turn a milestone innovation into a three-month campaign celebrating and inspiring innovation.

With innovation acting as a key messaging pillar of CPA Global’s business, we took the opportunity to evolve CPA Global’s branding for the social campaign. All social media banners and profile icons were changed to reflect the anniversary, with a branded badge created to tie together all celebratory content. But the best thing? The target audience for the anniversary #50For50 campaign could include employees, clients, prospects, potential hires, partners, and media influencers in the company’s target sectors. There are many marketing and PR activities that lend themselves nicely to its promotion.

With an emotive and inspiring message to value ideas and strive for the next big thing, #50For50 strengthens and supports CPA Global’s brand.

If you would like to follow CPA Global’s #50For50 campaign, follow their Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram social channels.

Annabelle Price

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