Imposing a promotional rationale behind being human

Imposing a promotional rationale behind being human

User-generated content (UGC) has been a key part of brand marketing since the dawn of social media. The “#GiftFromGoogle” was recently trending on Twitter and seeing the page flooded with user posts featuring their Google products on display had me, an Apple user contemplating purchasing a Google product, such is the power of user-generated content (UGC).

This campaign is unique because it does not utilize just anyone, it utilizes Team Pixel, a tribe of Google Pixel advocates that are loyal to the brand and its products. Google first introduced this community into its marketing strategy in 2019 and since then, the community of brand loyal champions have been the base of Google’s campaigns and achieves amazing results like boosts in unaided awareness and an increase in purchase intent!

Google is just one brand which excels using the tactic of UGC, here is a roundup of other brands who use UGC in a smart way to achieve amazing results:


The #Adobe_Perspective campaign showcases product attributes through users work which act almost like photographic testimonials. Not only does this foster trust and encourages potential customers to purchase the products, but it also creates a sense of community and spark inspiration


A ridiculously simple idea which turned into a storm of engagement, was the #shotoniphone campaign by Apple. This campaign works so well because when a user sees this, they are immediately drawn to the beautiful photography which they too can achieve with an iPhone.

Using UGC, the brand managed to plant a seed of intent in travelers’ minds without blatantly mentioning the product, its attributes, or even the price!

The campaign has earned an estimated 6.5 billion media impressions and allows iPhone users to exhibit their art while having a promotional rationale.


The social media space allows individuals to post from all over the world which is exactly the focus of Hootsuite’s #IWorkFromHere campaign. Utilising the hashtag, users show off the beautiful places they work in. Through the campaign, the company generated a swarm of media attention and content for its social channels. Even though the campaign launched a few years ago, it is still very relevant in current day.

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