Getting your voice heard

Getting your voice heard

When I tell people I work in PR, I am often faced with a blank expression and seconds later, “ahh okay…what does that actually mean?”. I think it is a pertinent point which can sometimes easily be forgotten.

PR goes beyond media coverage. The articles and interviews are in fact just a means to an end. The fundamental role of PR is to build and protect your reputation. It is about the way you communicate with the public, promote your organisation, and build a positive public image. This is achieved through media relations, speaking opportunities, awards, partnerships, social media, blogs, digital marketing…the list goes on!

Get your voice heard

Speaking at events or conferences can be a powerful tool in your PR arsenal. Speaking opportunities are a great way to increase your business’ exposure to its target audience and position your spokespeople as experts in your industry. In today’s competitive market, being positioned as an expert in your field can lead to new business opportunities and an increase in sales and new customers.

As a bonus, speeches at events or conferences can also be used as by-lined articles or video snippets that can be used as social media content.

But there are a few things to remember when preparing for speaking opportunities, especially in the virtual world!

Ditch the script

In the current world of online events, virtual panels and polls, PowerPoint presentations with endless slides of information have become commonplace. Without the buzz of physical events – the networking, freebies, post-event drinks – online events can become a bit dry. It is vital to keep speeches engaging and to add value for the audience, otherwise people will switch off…literally.

Prepare for your speech, do your research and have notes to make sure you cover all the key points. But please, ditch the script. It will help the audience to connect with your story or message. There is nothing worse than watching someone reading from a piece of paper, word for word.

Do a dry run

We have all become accustomed to spending the first few minutes of a webinar or virtual event watching someone miming before realising they are on mute. Before the event, check your microphone and camera, turn off your emails and do a dry run on the platform you will be presenting on.

Add value

Speaking at events, conferences or webinars will inevitably increase your company’s exposure. But this is not the time for sales pitches. Do not use your presentation as an opportunity to do the hard sell. Instead, add value and share insights with the audience.

Just this week one of our clients Sky Medical Technology, an innovative MedTech company, took to the *virtual* stage at the biggest Healthtech event in Europe, GIANT Health Event, to speak about the spread and scale of innovation in the NHS. The spokesperson shared practical insights about the company’s journey and learnings along the way. This event was attended by investors, supply chain managers, and C-suite executives, so it was a great an opportunity to gain exposure with key decision makers that could help grow the business.

Piece of the jigsaw

Speaking opportunities are a crucial piece of the PR jigsaw that can have tangible benefits for your business if executed well.

If you want to build your brand and want support with speaking opportunities and other PR activities, get in touch with me or another member of the team to find out more.


Emily Brewster

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