From strategy to success

From strategy to success

I would start off with a tax joke, but I doubt you’d ‘depreciate’ it…

For our investment management client, Brooks Macdonald, the lead up to the end of the tax year is important. It is a chance for financial advisers to plan end of year discussions with their clients, providing advice and support.

Wanting to generate renewed interest in its end of year resources, Brooks Macdonald tasked us with creating and executing an organic social media campaign capable of driving increased traffic to its website.

With more than 46% of all social media traffic to company websites comes from LinkedIn, we wanted to use Brooks’ growing presence on the platform to drive new leads and interest. The goal was clear: increase click-through rates and get more eyes on their content.

These are the three main tactics we used:

1: Timing is key

Using a countdown to build anticipation leading up to the end of the tax year acted as a timely reminder for the audience. By launching it mid-month, we were able to steadily increase engagement and give them plenty of opportunities to check out the content – and give ourselves time to adjust the content plan if we needed to.

2: Content is king 👑

Using fresh content is an important element of any successful social campaign. If you keep linking to the same article every day, people are going to scroll past without a second glance as it can seem repetitive. For each post we linked to something new, yet relevant, which allowed the individual posts to be varied in their design and tone. This proved an effective way for followers to find out more about the resources available as well as entice them to explore different areas of the website.

3: Get tracking 🗺

By analysing the response to the campaign in real-time, we knew what was performing well and what needed refining.  This regular analysis of social performance was vital in allowing us to keep up with any changes in follower behaviours. For example, we noticed early on posts with punchier design and copy were performing better than in-depth content, so factored this into the rest of the campaign.

Results driven 🎯

We saw the company’s impressions, engagement, click through rate and reactions surge in response to the campaign, especially as the countdown to the tax year end got closer. The final countdown post received more than twice as many impressions and five times as many clicks as other standard posts. The growing statistics over the course of the campaign demonstrated the audience’s interest increased as the date got closer, and the content became more relevant.

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