Five Ways to improve your LinkedIn advertising strategy

Five Ways to improve your LinkedIn advertising strategy

From a social networking site for professionals to a hotbed for B2B advertising, LinkedIn has evolved into a massive marketing machine due to its targeting capabilities and scope of reach.

Here are five ways to improve your advertising strategy on LinkedIn with examples from companies who are getting it right:

  1. Move up the marketing funnel

The marketing funnel consists of three stages: awareness, consideration and decision-making, and LinkedIn allows you to cater your advertising efforts to one of these stages. For a first-time marketer it will be tempting to select the decision-making stage as an objective for an ad campaign, but starting with the awareness stage helps your ad receive better engagement.

Microsoft is one of the many companies that has adopted this strategy and chose to increase awareness of its OneNote software solution using LinkedIn advertising. With amazing results, Microsoft plans to leverage LinkedIn’s capabilities and move down the marketing funnel from awareness to consideration and then conversion. Read Microsoft’s case study here.


  1. Provide value

Providing value is at the core of every content strategy.  Consumers are smart and will spot a promotional message a mile away! By providing value in paid ads, you grab the audience’s attention in a non-intrusive way.

Crunchbase has achieved just this. By asking users to download its e-book, not only are users getting valuable content but Crunchbase is earning traffic to its website, increasing its e-book downloads and increasing its overall brand awareness – it is a win win.


  1. Quality and quantity

Your LinkedIn ad must be short, snappy and eye-catching to win users eyeballs. However, alongside eye-catching content, it is vital to create a bank of ads to test and monitor which one is performing the best.

To increase awareness of Brooks Macdonald’s decumulation service, we created ten ads. We did this so we could perform A/B tests on the content to see which one performed best. Ultimately, we were left with ads which we knew delivered the best value to the client.


  1. Target smart

With LinkedIn’s capabilities, you can reach people by location, job title and sector. But many people ignore this as they want to contact a large number not a focused group. Although targeting smart reduces the amount of people you can reach with your ad, you are reaching the right people cost-effectively.


  1. Track, track and then track again

Tracking the performance of your ad allows you to see how well your content is doing, the number of impressions your content is receiving and the click-through rate. If this is done effectively, you can ensure an effective and cost-effective ad campaign!

Do not know where to start with LinkedIn advertising? Get in touch to learn more.

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