Entering the world of tech PR

Entering the world of tech PR

Technology has a massive impact on our lives, something that has been brought into sharp focus during lockdown: from ordering takeaways from our favourite restaurants; to video-calling loved ones we are not able to visit in person. Tech has always been an interest of mine, and having recently graduated from Cardiff University, I was keen to combine this with my love of media when starting my career with XL Communications.

My first day

On my first day, from the cold I was met with a warm welcome from Liam and Emily – as well as a warm cup of tea. I was in awe of the modern office; and my own desk even had a beautiful bouquet of flowers on for me.

The next few days flew by. As a social media executive, an important aspect of my job is keeping on top of digital news and trending topics and sharing these with the team. Managing a variety of social channels is new to me, but seeing a notification of people engaging with our clients is visible proof the content we are creating is working. I have really enjoyed working alongside my team and hearing them talk so passionately about their clients; as well as celebrating each other’s achievements.

The importance of communication

I have always enjoyed writing and I love working in digital. Knowing that I can communicate our client’s messages on social media and that people are engaging with it feels amazing. Social media is already part of my daily routine and this role has made me look at it in a completely different light. I feel I have gained an insight into what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ with social media, and it is exciting to focus on the digital aspects of PR for my clients.

Everyone has been so lovely and thoughtful – from my personalised welcome pack to being treated with an XL pizza for my first lunch at XL. It has only been a week but I have settled in so quickly, and I already feel like I am helping to shape the stories our clients share with the world. Technology is not going anywhere – it is only going to advance in society and enable us to achieve more. So, I am excited to kick off my career in technology PR here at XL HQ!

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