CPA Global: part of the team

CPA Global: part of the team

CPA Global is the world’s largest intellectual property (IP) technology company.  Having had disappointing experiences with PR support in the past, the company turned to XL Communications for global support in 2016.  Over the following three years, the company profile catapulted, both in the IP and legal space but also as an internationally important legal technology company.

Creating a platform for leadership

XL implemented a programme of thought leadership articles to position the company as an expert in its space and, particularly, to vertical markets with high levels of innovation – such as automotive, pharmaceutical and aerospace.  XL generated more than 60 thought leadership articles a year while working with CPA Global, using popular issues to help position the company’s expertise in protecting ideas.  From self-driving cars to Pokémon Go, XL created a platform for the company to showcase its expertise in all relevant markets.

Innovation in social media

XL managed all of CPA Global’s social media platforms, including those of the CEO and other board level executives.  Blogging and social posts generated a steady stream of business leads as well as growing the audience following the company by more than 400 percent.  In April 2018, as part of World IP Day, XL generated 24 articles on innovative women in IP and posted one every hour for the duration of the day.  Each article was supported by a video of a CPA Global staff member talking about why they were inspired by the woman in question.  The videos generated more than 10,000 videos views in the first 24 hours and helped propel followers on LinkedIn beyond 37,000.

Executive profiling and crisis management

XL was also responsible for raising the profile of CPA Global’s executives – within both the trade media and beyond.  The company was profiled for the first time in City AM, The Times and Bloomberg as well as in international titles such as Times of India.  XL provided crisis management support for the company when required and maintained an active crisis response team ready to reach to any issues.

An extension of the team

Supporting CPA Global at international events such as INTA and the company’s own customer events in Croatia and Seattle, XL Communications was seen as an integral part of the CPA Global team for more than three years. During this time, the company was acquired by new owners for £2.4 billion more than twice the sum the previous private equity owners had paid less than five years previously.


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