Conferences: working project to project

Conferences: working project to project

One of our most recent clients is entirely events based. RedCabin hosts conferences for the aviation and automotive industry, providing unique events that allow companies to come together to set goals, share their innovations and even make new partnerships.

During our first RedCabin conference we heard from Christopher Wood, Founder of Flying Disabled – a company lobbying for an improved flying experience for wheelchair users aboard aircraft. Attendees were exposed to a set of issues that might not always be at the forefront of innovation strategy for businesses, with Christopher Wood delivering a moving and convincing speech, taking questions and helping lead an open discussion with the heads of the aviation industry.

It was a collaborative moment that would not have been possible without the conference. The conversation was captured instantly and continued on social media.

Setting strategies

Capturing moments like this were the result of careful preparation. When we began working with RedCabin in November 2018, they had no social presence and there was no awareness of what the conference was trying to achieve. Getting as many spokespeople to the first conference was the goal – helping get the word out to as many people as possible.

We created a Twitter and LinkedIn account from scratch, sharing custom social cards for attendees and speakers, interacting with sponsors and directly addressing journalists. The aviation and automotive industry also have a wealth of information and innovation stories that are relevant to RedCabin’s target audience, resulting in a strong emotional connection before attendees even reached the venue.

During the conference we ensured we had a team on hand to take photos, gather quotes and be well versed on the topics to pick up salient points. The first RedCabin conference became a race against the clock to deliver diverse, varied content. Videos, portrait shots, testimonials – these were all leveraged to demonstrate the unique attraction of RedCabin conferences and encouraged attendees to engage with what they had just discussed online as well. 

Strong results

Since our work began on RedCabin in November 2018, 266 industry professionals and journalists have followed the company on Twitter and 399 people on LinkedIn. Engagement is consistently high, and attendees share, comment or post on RedCabin’s content or through their own channels.

Check out RedCabin’s social channels – Twitter and LinkedIn – and get in on the conversation!

Laurens Grisel

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