Bringing age into the technology debate

Bringing age into the technology debate

One Sunday evening in 2010, our founder got a text message from a friend introducing him to someone looking for PR support.  This introduction led to one of the most varied and interesting PR campaigns XL had been involved in.

Introducing emporia

emporia Telecom is an Austrian company that was founded on a simple premise: technology should never exclude anyone.  As the world becomes more connected, this becomes ever more relevant.

The founder of the company set out to provide older people with relevant mobile devices.  Features on these devices included larger buttons and screens, emergency systems that would call friends and family in the event of an accident and a host of other features relevant to those that might not be well served by a traditional smartphone.

Following success in the German speaking markets, emporia was expanding into the UK and effectively needed an outsourced marketing department to support its sales activity.  XL Communications was appointed to provide this support.

A wide-ranging brief from a trusting client

Over the next five years, XL provided the widest range of support to emporia across PR, marketing and, even at times, sales support.  Our work with emporia ranged from a BBC interview with Sir Stirling Moss in London to creating goodie bags for every Vodafone store in the UK to celebrate the launch of a new device.  We represented the company at meetings with mobile network operators, large mobile phone retailers and even arranged for a mystery shopper experience with two 70-year olds.

We generated blanket media coverage for the client, including several BBC articles, apiece in the Financial Times and recognition for the brand across multiple trade and consumer technology publications.  We represented the company at CES, Mobile World Congress and IFA Berlin as well as helping to contribute to the company’s future strategic goals.  Through a partnership with Cambridge University, we were able to raise the issue of access to online services for the elderly in the UK Parliament.

We continue to support the client on an ad hoc basis when required and are extremely proud of our partnership with emporia to raise the issue of accessing mobile phone services for the elderly in the UK.

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