Are we heading towards social termination?

Are we heading towards social termination?

Earlier this month “#InstagramIsDown” was trending. Then, following the chaos of Elon Musk’s takeover, “#RIPTwitter” was trending too. The social landscape is changing again, creating a challenge for brands who use these platforms.

97 percent of all Fortune 500 businesses rely on at least one social channel to achieve positive brand communication and presence. With such a reliance, businesses need an action plan to overcome social termination.

The social universe

The social media universe is packed with a variety of channels and new ones appear all the time. This means brands have the opportunity to diversify their presence and engage with customers across multiple platforms.

Do it but do it well

Diversifying your communications strategy can help you stay ahead of the game but be careful: there is a fine line between an effective multi-channel approach and overstretching resources so as to not be able to dedicate time and quality content to each platform.

To achieve a happy medium, think about your target audience. What social channel do they spend most of their time using? How does that compare with how they access information about your business? What content do you have that will engage with your target audience and which platforms are best suited to sharing that?

The next thing to bear in mind is consistency. Having consistent communication is key to eliminating channel silos, channel migration and differing customer experiences. Therefore, choosing the right channels for your business is vital.

Equally every channel has its own USPs but where would your content perform the best? There is very little point in posting to Instagram if your content is not visual, so it is important to ensure that what you post is relevant to the channel you are posting to.  Many companies tend to post the same content to every channel, when small tweaks to content could make a big difference to engagement.

How can you do all of this in an effective and efficient way? That is where we come in! Get in touch today to see how we can help you effectively use social media to elevate your brand strategy.


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