A galaxy of movie stars

A galaxy of movie stars

2021 was the year of the billionaire space race, but did you know that films shot in space could soon be coming to a cinema near you?

Space studio

Space was the playground for mogul’s Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Richard Branson in 2021. As space tourism took off with significant interest, plans have been put in motion to commercialise the galaxy even more as the world’s first space-based movie and entertainment studio is set to launch in 2024.

Out of this world experience

UK-based Space Entertainment Enterprise (SEE) claim the film and sports arena, SEE-1, will dock at the International Space Station (ISS) – allowing actors and content creators to film 250 miles above Earth. The arena will be attached to the commercial module, constructed by Axiom Space, that is linked to the ISS. The space infrastructure developer is working on its own tourist and research module for the station that is expected to launch in 2024 too.

Although there are plans for Tom Cruise to head-up the first shot entirely in space movie, SEE’s vision is much bigger than film production as they also bank on hosting sporting events, TV shows, and influencer live streams. This next-generation facility aims to offer unique and accessible entertainment options to unleash a new realm of creativity – giving viewers a taste of what life in space looks like from the comfort of their screens.

With its rocket-sized prices, affordable commercial space flights will not be available for the masses this decade, but SEE’s plans to provide an out of this world experience for all could prove to be even more popular.

Commercialising the galaxy

Technology has provided us with a magnitude of entertainment options at the touch of our fingertips, and as investment in out of space technology continues, where do the possibilities of commercialising space end? Could we be seeing a Disney World in space soon?

I know I will be watching the inaugural film that is recorded and produced in space – will you?

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